What is Medicare / Medicaid?

These are state and federal health insurance benefits that are mandatory by the government to provide to you.

Medicare is the federal insurance that insures the 65 and older population.

• If you are 65 years of age- you automatically qualify for Medicare.

Medicaid is the state insurance that insures the under 65 years of age population, disabled individuals, low-income and/or indigent families.

Minority Health
Tennessee Medicare and Medicaid Enrollment Facts:

TN Medicare Enrollment: There are only 10% blacks enrolled on Medicare compared to 87% whites.

TN Medicaid Enrollment: There are only 27% blacks and 4% Hispanics enrolled on Medicaid compared to 64% whites.
Source: TN Department of Health/Kaiser State Facts Report (2006)

Cover Tennessee
CoverTN is another health care insurance program available for you and your family. For more information, visit the web at: http://www.covertn.gov/

CoverTN is a partnership between the state, employers and individuals that makes health care coverage affordable for everyone.

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